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Incorrect · thoughts

Writer's Block: Bump In The Night

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What are you afraid of?
I have rats' fear, I do not hat them, as a matter of fact I would never be able to kill them, but when I see them, I lose the autocontrol, I run away.
I even think that they have snout cute,  but I do not support them because of this tail and and knowing that they link bearers of serious diseases. Poor littles animals!
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On 25th July 2007 20:49 (UTC), anacorvo commented:
You "hat" them, or "Hate". Put a hat on him and watch him get cuter. XD
I'm scared of spiders, but I rarely kill them, I feel sorry for them. If they keep a distance, I'll leave them alone, but as soon as they invade my space, sorry but I have to kill them.
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