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The Brothers

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Three joined brothers after several years of separation. Each one with there personalities. Despite the fact that they are twins, Caligo and Vania are completely different one of other, physical one and mentally, Since they born, Vania was always the strongest of the two.

Caligo have a character who, since this childhood always showed a strong independent spirit and a wisdom, As a matter of fact, Raul always accepted his advices, but he did sometimes not follow them. Physically: 1,86 measures of height (normal height in that time, however she was a little higher than the average), black hairs like her mother, and the eyes of light blue like her father. She has powers, which along the history will be revealed. And she is immortal, a gift what his mother had, due to his mystic origin and the same thing happens with her two brothers.

Vania is the oldest sister. She always showed a strong character, a poisonous personality, especially against her sister for envy for the proximity that she has with Raul, and she is a seducer. She kills her lovers for mere whim. Such as Caligo, she has powers that will be revealed along the history and she is immortal. Physically: 1,86 measures of height (normal height in that time, however she was a little higher than the average), blond hairs and light blue eyes as her father.

Raul, the youngest, was born precisely 8 years later. He always was capricious, but on the contrary of this sisters it developed a good heart, until the day when he became the king. As a matter of fact, after a tragic event, he becomes a man without feelings, and he loses all of this values. Physically: 1,94 measures of height, chestnut hairs and light blue eyes. He has power, but it will never need to reveal them, he has his sisters protecting him. He hides, power besides what they can imagine. And, such as this sisters, he has the gift of the immortality.

This story has name “ When the beginning is to legend. ”

- When I draw this drawing my objective was only to draw Caligo. But I could not resist to placing Raul, with less distinction, and Vania with this seductive glance. And Why not? I join them in the same drawing and I call it “The Brothers“? I had never drawn them joined and very satisfied with the end result. – Natacha Salgueiro

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On 2nd August 2007 08:39 (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
Corvo Marinho
Desulpa isto não ter nada a ver om o post (mas já comentei no que está no DGStudios), mas nunca mais me disseste se conseguiste ou não instalar o Photoshop.
Se não conseguiste, eu posso tentar encontrar um compatível com MAC, mas não prometo nada.

E temos que combinar um dia para irmos falar com o homem do Barcelos Popular.
Não queres ir tentar a sorte amanhã ao fim da tarde?
Combinávamos às 7h lá na loja dele. Pode ser que tenhamos sorte.

E o nosso jantar de comemoração? Nada feito?

Fica bem e responde!
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